Why You Might Need A Motor Grader

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The Function Of Motor Graders

What Do Motor Graders Do?

To try and confine motor graders into one sector is quite impossible, as it is a machine which is designed in order to be used in a multitude of industries.

This includes the mining, landscaping, construction and road maintenance and development sectors.

With the ability to work amazingly in these industries, it’s no wonder why motor graders are so sought after.

BurGers Equipment & Spares is construction equipment supplying business that is proud to supply the LiuGong Motor Graders range to the South African market.

What exactly is the purpose that motor graders serve?

To define it simply, motor graders are machines which are used for the moving and levelling of soil as well as the earth.

The reason why the motor grader is different is that it has a specific function of precision, which other soils and earth levelling machinery do not have.

While precision in levelling is the major function of the machine, it is also widely used in order to spread and cut material efficiently and precisely, allowing for wastage to decrease on-site.

Road Development

Road development, construction and maintenance are what motor graders are used most commonly for, and really what they were designed to do.

When using the machine, the ease of being able to lay as well as maintain gravel and dirt roads is way better than using other types of machinery.

BurGers Equipment & Spares guarantee that your Motor Grader will be able to displace materials as well as modify them in a way which not only improves the overall quality of the road but also develops a quality drainage channel.

On top of this, the motor graders also have the function of being able to mix materials which will be used when creating the road surface.

The machine is able to smoothen out grasslands as well as farm areas in order for there to be a quality navigable space, convert the banks of waterways, and improve the quality of drainage along the sides of roads.

On top of this, motor graders are great in terms of creating the right gradient and slopes on roads.

An example of this being in the mining sector, where the roads need to be in good condition to be driven on.


As mentioned before, Motor Graders, most notably high-quality machines such as LiuGong motor graders which are for sale in South Africa, are great for uses in different industries with different demands.

The machine is also great in that it is able to fit accessories and attachments to it, which helps it function in a different type of way for a given purpose.

An example of this would be the fact that blade attachments make it possible for motor graders to be used for the transportation of coal, as well as for landfill requirements.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of the motor graders which you will be working with.

The South African market may have a lot of motor grader options, however, choosing quality is always better than quantity.

LiuGong offers high-quality machinery which is based first on performance rather than its price.

Motor Grader Uses In Construction

Function In Construction

The primary purpose of motor graders is to level and shape the ground surface to make it suitable for driving on. Additionally, they are useful for creating a sloping surface that is precisely crafted for laying gravel or soil, making it ideal for building construction.

At BurGers Equipment & Spares, we offer a wide range of construction equipment, including motor graders that are essential for smoothing and leveling road surfaces. Our motor graders create a broad flat surface that can support heavy construction vehicles, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of equipment and materials.

Motor graders are also widely used in term of ensuring that the road and soil are flat and secure before asphalt is placed on the surface to develop drivable roads.


Motor graders are designed in a way where they are meant to be as efficient as possible, meaning that the output of power and results cannot be compared to other types of ground levelling and transforming machinery.

If you are looking for results, the best machine to buy for its function is the LiuGong motor graders.

As mentioned above, the fact that the machine is also multipurpose also helps in the fact that it can be used in a lot of industries and sectors.

This makes it far easier to want to buy, as it is something which is not industry-specific.

Finally, and most importantly, motor graders are designed to be very precise, which means that you are almost always guaranteed that the outcome will be a positive one.

Precision also helps in the other functions of development and creation to be completed faster and better, making the entire job much easier.


On the flip side, the precision and efficiency come at a cost, where if the motor grader is used excessively, the lifespan of the machine can decrease quite rapidly.

Having a limited lifespan may seem like an issue, however, the fact that maintenance and parts are not as expensive as buying a whole new machine is positive.

As stated, the degree of use does affect the machine, however, quality of the machine also plays a part, with LiuGong motor graders being far more reliable and have an increased lifespan.

Be sure to contact BurGers Equipment & Spares for more information on acquiring your motor graders today.

Motor Graders Or Bulldozers?

Motor Graders VS Bulldozers

Where motor graders and bulldozers are seen as different, having different functions and degrees of use, they also share a few commonalities.

Why would you then decide to choose a motor grader over a bulldozer or vice versa?

Where they are similar, both are able to do grading, obviously, motor graders are much better in terms of precise grading, however, the bulldozer is still capable of doing it.

To a small degree, a motor grader is able to be used as a bulldozer, bulldozing smaller materials.

However, the best way to effectively bulldoze is to use the machine that it was designed for.

A bulldozer is able to easily move large quantities of materials from one place to another without any hassle and stress of breakages.

Used in heavy industries, the bulldozer is perfect for moving things out of a zone, such as on farms or in specific construction sites.

The motor grader is designed specifically to flatten or grade the ground, ensuring that the earth is able to be driven on, as well as having the proper drainage system.


The Situation

Determining the appropriate use of a bulldozer for grading largely depends on the setting. In situations where rough grading is needed, a bulldozer can be a suitable tool to achieve a sufficiently level ground for transportation.

One of the key advantages of a bulldozer is its weight and rigidity, which enables it to travel over rough terrain with ease. This makes it a valuable asset in various industries including construction, mining, and land clearing.

In summary, the suitability of using a bulldozer for grading depends on the specific context, and its versatility and durability make it a valuable asset in a range of industries.

Motor graders are able to grade land much smoother, making the land far easier to travel on.

The benefit of using a motor grader is that larger projects which need the detail and precision in order to function are that the machine is able to deliver.

Where a bulldozer can be used for initial grading, when you are coming to the end of the project and need finished grading, with perfection, motor graders are what you will look for.

The fact that motor graders, including the LiuGong motor grader, is able to shape, cut, ditch, level and mix, with and without accessories, shows why motor graders work far better in most circumstances.

A Motor Grader

The crux of the matter is that you can use a bulldozer to level the ground, also known as grading, as it will be effective, to an extent.

A bulldozer can function as a motor grader in a sense, however, the fact is that if you want quality in what you are doing, it’s smarter to use the machine which is designed for the given task.

This goes both ways as to where a motor grader, whether it is from LiuGong or not, as a motor grader can function in some ways like a bulldozer, but the quality of output from the device will not be as good as if you use a bulldozer.

The Future Of Motor Graders


Motor graders were not always the multipurpose machine it is today, having a very basic function in its inception.

Having said this, companies such as LiuGong have always looked to try to improve and enhance their machinery, looking to develop machines which are able to last longer and do their work better.

Motor graders were designed to level the ground, and that was pretty much what it did, however, as time went on, and brilliant people began to look to the future, the machine began to be adaptable to any given situation.

Utilising different accessories allows for the system to be used for an array of functions, as mentioned above.

This is also why motor graders work well in a lot of sectors, with two major sectors being the construction and mining industries.

Both industries need to be able to navigate spaces safely and successfully as the degree of work and the magnitude of the job requires more efficiency and planning than others.

Be sure to check out BurGers Equipment & Spares for more information


When it comes to levelling the ground, grading, the most important thing is that it gets done right and that it is not going to promote any risk to the vehicles and persons who are crossing it.

Of course, the motor grader is also used in the setting up of roads, including when the asphalt is involved.

This all works together in order to design a foundation which is drivable but that is also functional, for industries and pedestrians.

Motor graders have helped to shape our worlds, as well as helping businesses and industries shape our worlds more precisely and much quicker.

Efficiency is an important thing as if a project begins with efficiency, using the right technologies, devices and machinery, the overall efficiency of the duties will stay at a high level.

What this does is actually improve the overall quality of the finished article.

Of course in the mining sector, the result is to get as much coal as possible, being able to then transport it to its next stage is also important and grading allows this to happen



The Future Looks Grade

As much as the heading may be a play on words, it actually is the grade, as we are seeing a transformation in the way that companies and industries are using motor graders today.

We are seeing much more efficiency and delivery from the devices, and thanks to companies like LiuGong, who manufacture top-quality construction equipment and machinery, we see that the final products of buildings and structures are only going to improve.

Contact BurGers Equipment & Spares for more information

If you’re looking for top-quality motor graders, as well as other machinery such as earthmovers, then contact BurGers Equipment & Spares and get into contact with a supplier of the highest quality LiuGong products.


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