What can a bulldozer do?

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bulldozer is a vehicle used to move earth or demolish material that is in its path, and they are sold right here in Johannesburg by Burgers Equipment and Spares. A bulldozer’s power to do this comes with the combination of its tracks and powerful engine that propels the machine forward, pushing, pulling, and moving materials from one location to another.

Originally bulldozers were simply tractors that had been modified and it wasn’t until the twenties that the first bulldozers were built with today’s design.


What are the Mechanics of a Bulldozer?


There are three integral parts to a bulldozer, being the tracks, ripper, and blade, each performing an essential function.


The mechanics of the tracks of the bulldozer hold the terrain well and the girth of these tracks also makes for great weight distribution preventing the bulldozer from tipping over, slipping, or getting stuck when moving heavy materials. Combined with this is the incredible torque and power of the diesel engine, which is able to propel the machine to do heavy-duty work easily.


The front of the bulldozer is equipped with a frame onto which the blade is fixed. This blade is the part of the bulldozer that physically picks up or moves the heavy material and is normally produced in three variants, namely the S-blade, having no side wings or lateral curve and is short in length, the U-blade, having large side wings and is very curved and tall, and S-U blade, combining both the qualities of the S and U blade.


The back of the bulldozer is where the ripper is located. It is a blade designed with teeth on it to enable it to break up the materials and earth that are to be moved by the blade in the front and is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to make for easy movement. The teeth of the ripper can be replaced as they must remain sharp to perform their function. The ripper can also be modified depending on the job to be done and the material to be broken up.


The cab of the bulldozer can also be designed at various heights, with the best normally being designed at a high height, making visibility easier for the operator.


Bulldozers sold by Burgers Equipment and Spares


Burgers Equipment and Spares offers a range of LiuGong bulldozers for sale in Johannesburg. These bulldozers provide peak performance, are extremely robust and reliable, and provide excellent economy. Our bulldozers are available in three variants, namely the B160C, the B230, and the B320. The B160C is powered by a Steyr Weichai engine and weighs 17 000kgs, while the B230 and B320 are powered by a Cummins engine and weigh 24 540kgs and 38 200kgs, respectively.


What is a Skid Steer Loader?


Another incredible machine sold by Burgers Equipment and Spares is the Skid Steer Loader. A skid steer loader derives its name from its ability to skid across the ground by using its mechanically fixed wheels or tracks. These are small and light machines and are typically used for digging.


How does a Skid Steer Loader Work?


The alignment of the wheels of the skid steer loader is fixed together so that they can move at the same speed. Despite this the wheels of one side can move independently of the wheels on the other side, by having two separate transmissions on either side, allowing the machine to skid as it moves.


The operator will speed up the wheels on one side, using a differential steering mechanism, which allows the wheels on the other side to skid.


The skid steer loader is more efficient when it is imbalanced. When the bucket is loaded with material, the front wheels are heavier, while when the bucket is empty, the rear wheels are heavier. This mechanism allows for the heavier wheels to pivot while the lighter wheels skid. The reason why the imbalance is important is that with an even distribution, neither the front nor back wheels will pivot, which pivoting is necessary to move the machine.


Skid Steer Loaders Sold by Burgers Equipment and Spares


Burgers Equipment and Spares offers two varieties of skid steer loaders, being the 365A model as well as the 375A model. The 365A model is lighter than the 375A model, with a weight of 2 950kgs, while the 3775A model weights 3 420kgs.


Both the bulldozers and the skid steer loaders are for sale at Burgers Equipment and Spares in Johannesburg. Whichever you require, visit us today for the machine that will get the job done.

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