Types of earthmoving equipment used in construction


Depending on your construction project, you would use different types of heavy equipment in different ways. These include:

In this article, we’ll focus on the most prominently used earthmoving equipment used in construction.


This type of earthmoving equipment has a base cabin and a long arm with a bucket attached at its end, controlled through a hydraulic system. The operator in the base cabin can rotate 360° and control the excavator. The base cabin is attached to a supporting structure that either has wheels or tracks. Excavators are widely used in large and small construction sites and are used for excavation, demolition, grading, mining, heavy lifting, landscaping, dredging, etc.

As one of the most common and most essential pieces of earthmoving equipment on any building site, excavators remove soil and rocks from one location before dumping them into another. It can move forwards and backwards on its tracks or wheels to reposition the machine wherever it’s necessary.

Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders or backhoes are earthmoving equipment that is mounted on tyres, have a shovel at the front and a bucket on a jointed arm at the rear. Backhoe loaders are medium-sized earthmoving equipment and can be used for excavation, placing pipes, digging trenches, filling up trenches, lifting materials, etc. Some of these types of earthmoving equipment come with retractable buckets that can be replaced with equipment used for other construction activities or different sized buckets, making it a jack of all trades. It can also be used for loading, landscaping, trenching, breaking rocks, etc.


This type of earthmoving equipment is considered the most heavy-duty construction machine, used for moving vast amounts of dirt on construction sites. Bulldozers have a large metal plate in the front that can be moved up or down at a certain depth or in a limited range of angles through two hydraulic pistons. In addition to shifting soil, this earthmoving equipment can be used for rough and fine grading, crushing or removing rocks, etc.

Skid-steer loaders

These earthmoving equipment are small tyre-mounted machines that skid on their own axis and are ideal for use in space-constrained sites. Its tyres’ tread pattern ensure they have minimal impact on completed construction sites and limit soil compaction. Steer-skid loaders provide a good grip on mud and can be retrofitted with various attachments. As a result, it’s often used for moving mud, drilling holes, excavating, compacting soil, lifting loads, breaking rocks, mixing material, cleaning up sites, etc. This type of earthmoving equipment is by far the smallest, most versatile, and agile piece of machinery. Some attachments include four-in-one buckets, dozer blades, rotary hoes, augers, hammers, chain trench diggers, pallet forks, etc.


Trenchers are earthmoving equipment used for digging trenches used for piping, cabling, or drainage, and are generally mounted on tracks or wheels. The material dug up is deposited next to the channel by the trencher’s conveyor system. Different types of trenchers vary according to their applications and construction requirements.


A scraper can move dirt and aggregates on-site easily without the aid of additional equipment. However, this type of earthmoving equipment should be used in large open areas to run at higher speeds and simplify cut and fill activities.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are earthmoving equipment necessary on all construction sites. They are available in several sizes and variations to move loads easily and effectively. This earthmoving equipment has a very limited function but can easily transport large quantities from one point to another, then dumping them in their final destination.

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