The History of Heavy Equipment

History of Heavy Machinery | Burgers Equipment & Spares

Every building that you see around you has been created through the use of heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers and cranes, just to name a few.

The Earthmoving construction equipment used is tasked with developing the future of our nations and doing so in a safe way.

Construction machinery has always been something which has tried to innovate and improve on its foundation.

By taking a look at where heavy equipment came from, and where it is today, with businesses such as BurGerS Equipment and Spares at the forefront, we will have a better understanding of where it could potentially go.

The late 1800s

The late 1800s saw steps in the direction of machines being used more so than manual labour.

Benjamin Holt developed his first combine harvester, a construction machine used to harvest grain crops efficiently, and would later go on to create a steam-powered tractor.

A few years after this, John Froelich produced the gas-powered tractor, which would start the pathway to new and improving construction machinery as the years went by.

The 1900s

Benjamin Holt would come back with a new type of tractor, the gas-powered track-type, the first to ever exist.

Continuous tractor models, first brought to life by Holt, would be used not only for farming machinery but so too for military vehicles, completely changing the way in which the world was starting to operate.

An example of military vehicles using this type of technological advancement is the first tanks used in World War I.

The 1920s

As mining became a booming business, new and intuitive ways of extracting and transporting the precious materials were developed.

Earthmoving construction equipment such as the bucket wheel excavator was developed during this period.

At this point, Heavy Machine Companies were starting to become a part of the mainstream.

During this period in time, the bulldozer was also a new construction machine that was created.

The 1930s

The 1930s saw Earthmoving equipment companies take a little bit of a knock, like every other business during this time, due to the Great Depression.

Parts and equipment were sold to overseas nations in order to make the money they could to try and stay relevant as a business.

Many businesses were going down at the time and many construction companies did this to not suffer the same fate.

The 1950s–1970s

At the turn of the half-century, post World War II, the American people wanted something new.

That something new was the rise of the residential and commercial development sector.

Earthmoving construction equipment was vital in forming and transforming the landscape of the areas.

The plan for the development of new highway systems was also a reason as to why construction machinery became ever more popular and utilised.

Heavy Machinery was tasked with helping in inventing a highway system that could allow civilians to easily escape during or before a disaster.

The 1980s

Unfortunately, the 1980s saw a decrease in the need for heavy machinery, particularly in America, as a lot of the development that was being done was coming to an end.

Many Earthmoving equipment companies actually went under because of the lack of need for construction work.

The companies who were able to ride the turbulent wave would, in a decade, be in high demand for new revolutionary machinery.

The 1990s

New environmental rulings saw the need for construction companies to start developing machines that were not producing as much carbon emissions.

Compact earthmoving units were created in order to fit under these regulations.

The 2000s

In this time, constructing machinery manufactures were needing to get accustomed to the fact that renting out their products overselling them was a more viable business move.

Rental companies purchased the earthmoving equipment and would rent them out, however, compared to private contractors who usually bought high-quality equipment, this equipment had different stipulations.

During this time, Earthmoving equipment companies who were manufacturing machinery were still trying to develop products which were lowering the emissions of carbon.

The Benefits Of Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment has been advancing for years and years as seen above, and without them, manual labour would the only means for construction and development to get done.

How exactly does earthmoving machinery benefit us and why is it seen as better than manual labour?

Leads To Improved Quality

Diligence and focus, as well as reliability and precision, is needed during the transformation and development of new structures.

Having machinery which will be able to consistently do the job, without any hiccups, really will go a long way in improving the quality of the outcome.

The higher the quality the more dependable the Earthmoving equipment is, and with reliability and precision comes improved speed, meaning the time it takes to get tasks done will be decreased.

Manual labour is still important in the use of the machinery, however, having the machinery means that less manpower is needed to do the digging, breaking and removal of debris.

Project Efficiency

Utilising construction machinery means that things such as the physical limitations of manual labour among other issues such as weather conditions are not something which is going to block the job from being completed.

Earthmoving equipment is a huge benefit as it really allows for work to become simple and efficient, with little to no mistakes during the specific tasks, meaning that less time is being put on trying to correct mistakes and more on actually finishing the job.

This is not to say that manual labour is not needed, as it is.

Rather, manual labour is able to also work more efficiently and plan out tasks at a much larger volume, being more involved in this process rather than the actual hard labour tasks.

Cost Savings And Profitability

The better the Earthmoving equipment, the better the overall workflow and capacity to meet targets.

Higher quality products mean a better outcome of tasks, which ultimately means less money needed to pay for more manual labour or to fix mistakes.

Construction machinery has advanced to a point where they can carry out a variety of tasks, not just one.

Labour might only be experienced or trained to do one job, meaning that more manual labour will need to be hired to be able to fulfil the requirements.

Safety Of Workers

Construction sites are unfortunately a dangerous place to work.

Even though safety procedures and measures have been worked on and put into place, accidents and unexpected occurrences can happen.

The more labour you have ultimately means the higher the risk, and chances of risk, there is.

Using Earthmoving equipment lowers the risk as firstly, there aren’t as many workers moving around the area.

Secondly, the construction machinery is going to be doing the lifting and transporting of the heavy and at times dangerous materials, which moves the labour far away from the hazardous area.

Common Issues With Heavy Machinery

Investing in low-quality heavy machinery just to save costs can lead to various issues, including poor electrical connections and faulty wiring. These problems can not only jeopardize the safety of those operating the equipment but also cause project delays. Ultimately, opting for a high-quality, reliable product is a smarter choice. At BurGerS Equipment and Spares, we offer LiuGong Machinery, known for their resilience and dependability, to ensure that your construction projects are completed on time and with maximum efficiency.


Properly maintaining your construction machinery is important in keeping your business running.

The reason for this is the same as the above, if your machine cannot function, you will be wasting time on trying to fix or replace it, where you could be getting the job done.

Time delay is not only frustrating, but it can also put your business’s image into a negative light.

BurGerS Equipment and Spares understands the importance of this and actually provides an after sale service in order to help maintain your equipment.

Taxing Your Machines

Using heavy machinery until they break down or cease to function is a sure way of wasting both time and money. Instead, investing in higher quality machinery is a smarter choice that can save you time and money in the long run. At BurGerS Equipment and Spares, you can find a range of durable machinery that can withstand even the most demanding tasks.

However, even the best quality machinery can break down if overworked. It is important to take care of your machinery and avoid pushing it beyond its limits. Regular maintenance and servicing can help keep your machines in good condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns. By taking care of your machinery, you can ensure that they last longer, perform better, and ultimately save you money in the long run.

BurGerS And LiuGong

BurGerS Equipment and Spares is the business you want to go to if you need any LiuGong Machinery.

The reason for this is that the company is the lone importer, seller and marketer of state of the art LiuGong Machinery.

BurGerS Equipment and Spares offers these products:

  • Wheel Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Rollers
  • Graders
  • Skidsteers

All of these products come with the guarantee that if the ground wants to fight, LiuGong Machinery has the power to fight back, and win.

On top of this, BurGerS Equipment and Spares knows that LiuGong is, and will continue to, provide machinery which is top quality, efficient, reliable and precise.

Not only do they supply you with the best in construction machinery, but they also provide service for the machinery if need be after the sale.

Providing machinery which is of the highest quality and at a price which saves you money is not easy to do, however, BurGerS Equipment and Spares and LiuGong are doing it.

The South African market is a major focus for BurGerS Equipment and Spares, as they want to supply it with cost-effective and reliable machinery for the development of the future of our nation.

BurGerS Equipment and Spares

BurGerS Equipment and Spares has been involved in the earthmoving business for a number of years.

Throughout these years, Mr Burger has always maintained his determination to constantly strive to find solutions and improvements on construction machinery, and will only sell what he thinks will benefit the consumer.

Due to this, BurGerS Equipment and Spares has been able to effectively deal with major reliable companies, who use Earthmoving equipment in their day to day tasks.

Many businesses trust BurGerS Equipment and Spares to help them achieve their goals, and with the top-quality LiuGong Machinery offered by the company, they are able to do so successfully.

For more than a decade, BurGerS has partnered with LiuGong Machinery to not only expand the brand’s reach in Southern Africa, but also improve the accuracy and dependability of the equipment purchased by their customers. This collaboration has led to an increase in productivity and efficiency for businesses across various industries.

LiuGong Machinery

LiuGong Machinery has been in the construction machinery business for over sixty years.

A Chinese based company, they partnered up with BurGerS Equipment and Spares in the mid-2000s and have been helping South Africa, and the world, build and develop the beautiful structures we see to

The major construction companies, such as Caterpillar, have worked with the LiuGong company for a number of years, as they always provide innovative and reliable equipment to all of their consumers.

LiuGong Machinery has been at the forefront of creating advanced Earthmoving equipment.

The goal has always been to put themselves in a position where they can provide the best quality construction machinery for their clients.

The reason for this is that LiuGong Machinery is as proud of providing the best machinery, as they are on seeing the machinery produce the amazing marvels it has.

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BurGerS Equipment and Spares has been a trusted provider of high-quality construction machinery for several years. If you want to learn more about their products and how to acquire them, you can contact them directly at BurGerS Equipment and Spares.

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