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History of LiuGong

History of Heavy Machinery | Burgers Equipment & Spares

The History Of Liugong

BurGerS Equipment & Spares is the official dealer for LiuGong Machinery in South Africa and Namibia. This has led us to be one of the continent’s leading suppliers of a wide variety of specialised heavy construction equipment, spare parts, as well as maintenance and repair services.

Liugong Machinery Corporation

The LiuGong Machinery Corporation has been in operation since 1958, and were established in Liuzhou, China.

Based on units sold, LiuGong is the world’s largest manufacturer of wheel loaders. In their time since their inception, they have grown and adapted into the earthmoving machinery manufacturing giant that they are today.

One of the things that sets LiuGong, as a brand, apart from their competitors, is that they continually strive to rise to new challenges, allowing them to develop technologies that are ideal for the harshest climates and conditions, from the blazing Sharan heat to the unrelenting frigidity of the Arctic.

LiuGong machinery is more than just about simple functionality but focusses on the needs and wants of our customers. We deliver solutions that enact more effective, cost-efficient solutions for our clients, thanks to an understanding that great machines need to be intuitive and ergonomic to ensure that projects can get started and completed in good time, and without hassle or interruption.

Liugong Is Synonymous With Reliability

Attention to quality and the ability to get the job done is what has made the LiuGong name synonymous with reliability. With 20 manufacturing facilities, close to 10 000 employees, and 5 research and development centres, their name stays at the Forefront of technology, production, and supply logistics.

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