History of BurGerS

History Of Burgers

BurGerS Equipment & Spares has grown into a leading earthmoving equipment company over the past 30 years.

Our founder, Mr PCC Burger, started a career in earthmoving and transport in 1989 in South Africa, and spent that time developing a wealth of insights, knowledge, and experience with transport and management contracts with loaders and trucks at Eastern Platinum mine, and Karee mine in the North-West Province.

Allowing him to grow and expand his expertise into the transport and loading of trains, he also cot a contract with Anglo American and RLT in 1993. This lead to further growth, allowing him to work on contracts for Total at Kriel and Bethal, while also enacting coal handling in mines.

The Development Of Machines

At this point, Mr Burgers began to notice the need for high quality, reliable, and inexpensive machinery throughout the industries he had been in contact with. After seeing a LiuGong loader in action at a mine in Mpumalanga, he started to research the already established brand, buying his first one from an agent in South Africa.

From that point on, the quality and performance of LiuGong machines spoke for themselves, and Mr. Burgers believed that they would be a transformative addition to South African industry. They were lauded for their reliability, which came at a more affordable price-tag, and were now, thanks to Mr. Burgers, easily accessible in sub Saharan Africa.

By 2012, Mr Burger had positioned himself to become the LiuGong dealer in South Africa, which has now become known as BurGerS Equipment & Spares, providing equipment, spares, and services to South Africa and Namibia.

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